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I get so tired of begging for shit other people take for granted.
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If one more person bitches about the sanctity of Huckleberry Finn while disregarding the wealth of freedman, slave, and Native American narratives from that time period, Frederick Douglass is going to come back to life and beat someone with a brick made of chalk.


Oct. 15th, 2009 10:26 pm
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-Is weirded out that more people are more vocally indignant about interracial marriage than about this woman being arrested (and detained without care for nine hours) for a health issue. *Hint: it ain't just LJ.

-Is sorting out her feelings on being that black friend.

-Is filled with Victorian tidbits she hopes to craft into a fantasy story for NaNoWriMo. Gas lamps and the otherworldly. <3

-Is wondering why she runs away from social situations, but really not all that surprised every time it happens.

Read a Book

Oct. 8th, 2009 09:37 pm
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Read a goddamn book.

Read a newspaper.

Read the news.

Read a flash card for fucks sake.

But don't sit on your ass and pull random facts out of your anus and wave it around as truth.

Mr. Google exists so that, you know, you can learn about a subject before you start spouting off what you "think" you know. You don't know, so stop that shit.

Privilege does not give you phenomenal, cosmic powers to know the history of a country you've only related to through Crocodile Dundee.

This is not a knife. This is a fucking knife!
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So I'm working on CGN again:

[15:06] Kia: ugh, a long time ago I found a blog by two black girls who were doing game reviews
[15:06] Kia: somehow, I do not have the link in either browser -_-
[15:06] Hubby: :/
[15:06] Hubby: Teim for google fu!
[15:08] Kia: nope
[15:08] Hubby: :/
[15:23] Kia: I mean seriously, even with my google-fu I can only take sifting through this shit for so long
[15:23] Kia: "But why a black lady in l4d2? There are female gamers, yeah, and there are black male gamers, but very few black FEMALE gamers. I'm sorry, but I personally would rather see a white or even Asian woman."
[15:25] Hubby: That should totally be the mission statement of your site.
[15:25] Hubby: "CGN - Because fuck that guy. Seriously."


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:48 pm
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she rests in her weathered plumage
bigboned resolute
don't think you can ever forget her
don't even try
she's not going to budge
no choice but to grant her space
crown her with sky
for she is one of the many
and she is each of us

-Rita Dove-
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-So it seems the LA fire has been subdued a bit. For a couple of nights I could see the flaming hillside out of my window. It was an awful yet awing sight. Like a fire spirit had run up and down the hills and gullies, glad to be free for even a little while.

-This has been the summer that definitively closed the door on my childhood. The first black star ship captain I had ever seen died. Michael Jackson in the 3D film Captain Eo gave me a sense of wonderment about the stars that I’m so glad to have today. Also, my baby girl, my sweet puppy passed away a few weeks ago from illness. She was thirteen and lovely. She was a confidante and a mischief maker. I love her and I miss her.
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Sitting home tonight, in front of the TV, on the floor, in my jammies, eating deep dish pizza. Yeah, I know. But it's been that kind of month.

Three kinds of cheese and extra grease makes the medicine go down.

Caught a Korean historical drama called The Iron Empress. I'm loving it so far. There are two Dowager Empresses going head to head for the fate of their countries. The lades are so regal and serene, I'm trying to catch up on the intrigue. Thankfully the entire series is online.

Also, for anyone who remembers the 1997 Disney Cinderella, I'm almost done putting together a soundtrack for the film. Disney never released a soundtrack so it's been up to me to track down Brandy and Peters.

It's the little things that make a night right.

Edit: The song "Sweetest Sounds" always brightens my day. And go-go Paolo!


Jul. 31st, 2009 12:36 pm
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Posting this from a handheld device, so please bear with the mistakes.

My blood pressure has risen for the umpteenth time. I'm dealing with ignorant shit and I honestly know better than to waste my time, but I'm having trouble staying my hand.

For the last week or so I am trying to focus on Truth and Beauty in all things. This is of thee utmost importance for me as health wise I am stalling. Not spiraling yet, but stalling like an old rusted motor on its last leg.

More later, just rest right now.
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This past month has been agony.

Physically and mentally, morbidly and misery.
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Sweet Sepia )
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I came across this Wiki:

"Wiktionary," is it not nifty?

What's best is that this dictionary incorporates other languages besides English.

Nerd glee.


May. 29th, 2009 10:20 pm
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...all I know is that I'm taking my nappy-headed self down to IMAX and seeing me some giant fucking spaceships tonight.


May. 27th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Sick as hell in that pull the covers over your head kind of way. My face hurts from the inside. My throat is a like a gravel laden road. Swallowing is like considering barbed wire a delicacy.

PBS is showing Hollywood Chinese. Check it out, and try to refrain from throwing something at the screen during the Sundance Festival Q&A for Better Luck Tomorrow.

I renewed my World of Warcraft account. Blee not glee.
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-Well that kind of crept up on me. Swung into a deep melancholy tonight. I was doing all right earlier this evening then I just sort of crashed in the last two hours. I should get to bed soon, hopefully that will help.

-Fic rec: I'm a sucker for sweet and tender romance stories. Here's a marvelous one called A Mutual Feeling; Spock/Uhura. It's a four-parter and the last installment has been posted already. It made my cynical, sarcastic self tear up and sigh happily.

-There was/is a place in Las Vegas, Nevada called the Star Trek Experience. In essence it was a Trekkie's dream. I thought of it fondly today and wrote about my drunken exploits there. If I can find decent pictures of the place I'll post them.

-Progress goes slowly in Bioshock. There isn't a penalty for dying, but I move through slow as molasses. I check every nook and cranny before going forward. Then I use the flame thrower because my aim is awful and setting the entire area on fire is the only way to be sure. At this rate I should finish the game in 2012.

Keep On

May. 19th, 2009 07:18 pm
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I'm dusting off my old resume that I haven't touched since 2007.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and I minored in Communications.

I work as a glorified assistant for a small law firm.

I am very glad to have a job right now in this economy, but I need to find better work elsewhere. However, I am terrified.

I have various social issues that have causes me to settle for the career rut I'm in now.

My dream is to go back to school and become an instructor.

Yet I'm having a hard time just getting outside my own front door.
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Good Faith

There was a time when I was a wee little one wherein I believed in the inherent goodness of every person. Then on the twenty-fourth hour of my existence I grew up. That's not to say that I lost my faith in living creatures, but rather I understood that if you give someone a shovel they will happily dig themselves right down to the utmost core of this twirling mud ball we call home.

There is a certain expectation that innate goodness will be recognized within the fandom community. And this immediate recognition will serve to be the only testimony required when navigating the -ism under discussion. This concept of innate goodness is roughly defined as the quality of being a nice person.

Now there are different sorts of niceness and the one referenced above nine times out of ten takes on a quality of passive-aggressiveness. People of Color are like tiny woodland creatures and if they could only sense the pureness of the author/writer/developer/creator we could all happily polish massah's house together. Anything less is self-serving and the insult of all insults: mean and angry.

Having witnessed RaceFail, PostSecretROFL , and MammothFail all within a few short months I am both amused and bemused at the shenanigans of derailing, defaming, lying, manipulating, moving, hiding, rewriting, erasing and other examples of ridiculousness that have transpired. But central to these shenanigans has been the professed goodness of the perpetrators. They are nice persons, driven to do such things by the mean PoC who have the nerve to craftily criticize them.

This notion of goodness is around 300-350 years old. It is a crafted colonial state built on the foundation of PoC as eternal Other. Goodness does not just spring from the ground, it has to be carefully structured and taught through science, history, and art. It goes unnoticed that PoC are never extended this expectation, this fundamental concept from which so much fervor and fire springs forth. This basic tenet of good faith is hampered from extending to those that ask: please put some pants back on.

For PoC to receive recognition of innate goodness is nigh unthinkable in an age where proof of –isms has sunk to he-that-smelt-it-dealt-it levels of insight. An author/writer/developer/creator already occupies the sphere of goodness. A PoC can only enter this space if they do not question the author/writer/developer/creator on an –ism issue. If the PoC does lay down a well-crafted argument it is automatically relegated to the mean and angry sphere which goodness can never enter. In this mindset it is the PoC and not the author/writer/developer/creator that has approached the issue from “bad faith.” This neat bit of logic keeps the author in a state of goodness no matter what slurs, insults, and demagoguery have transpired.


Maybe more on this later.
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...just come with me and I'll take you home.

I just finished setting up [community profile] chromatics. The community of color for all your sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative art needs. [community profile] chromatics is a continuation project of PoC in Fantasy: Reflections of Ourselves.

Join with a DW Account or Open ID:

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...that wired folk can be sold and bought
That we have no feelings no memories or minds
That we're bionic strumpets only worth a dime.

Blackless Fantasy
The Disappearance of Race in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
Tanner Higgin
University of California, Riverside

"Therefore, when one sees a race called ‘‘human’’ within a MMORPG and it is westernized as well as White with different shades of color for diversity (but nothing too Black), a powerful assertion is made. This assertion is that humanity will only be understood within the fantasy world if it is primarily coded White. The player base has affirmed this understanding by choosing largely White human avatars in order to match the discursive framework set up by these racial logics."

"Black characters within video games almost exclusively function as synthetic sites of racial tourism and minstrelsy, wherein White fantasies and desires of hypermasculinity and sexuality can be inscribed on the Black body and performed without punishment. Almost all leading Black men are sports players or gun-toting gangstas, and Black women are completely invisible. Blackness, as it is culturally rehearsed within games, does not fit into the heroic world of the MMORPG."

Posting for posterity.


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