Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:25 pm
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Working on a few stories right now with an african diaspora viewpoint. Though the one I'm most worried about is a combination of high fantasy and african elements. I'm not quite sure how it's going to work out or if I should keep the two mythologies of two different continents in their "proper places."

I've read through so much sci-fi and magical realism though of late that I'm really hankering from some good old high fantasy. My eldest brother used to GM D&D for us when I was little, making the orcs, elves, and etc. come alive. I'd like to mix that a bit with traditional and historical glimpses of two (perhaps more) cultures but am hesitant about taking so much on in a story I don't have plot firmly cemented for yet.

As it goes I have one race of tree people. Literally. I'm going to play around with the ideas a bit more. One thing I hope to do with this high fantasy story is highlight the racism and xenophobia that is inherent in such a world but never shown that way. Really in the real world people can't stand anyone with a darker skin tone... but humans and dwarves get along just fine. Sure. I think my biggest beef is that racism is usually presented as "oh you wily elf and your nancy ways, let's go get a beer!" and honestly that has become rediculous to me.
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So things are coming along a bit.  This is a good outlet for me.  I realize that times are going to be tough in the future.  And it's making me rethink some frivolous purchases.

I am trying to think of a side job.  I could tutor, but that's not really something I'd like to do.  I'd really like to write and am thinking of some way of turning that into a nice little something on the side.


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