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...that wired folk can be sold and bought
That we have no feelings no memories or minds
That we're bionic strumpets only worth a dime.

Blackless Fantasy
The Disappearance of Race in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
Tanner Higgin
University of California, Riverside

"Therefore, when one sees a race called ‘‘human’’ within a MMORPG and it is westernized as well as White with different shades of color for diversity (but nothing too Black), a powerful assertion is made. This assertion is that humanity will only be understood within the fantasy world if it is primarily coded White. The player base has affirmed this understanding by choosing largely White human avatars in order to match the discursive framework set up by these racial logics."

"Black characters within video games almost exclusively function as synthetic sites of racial tourism and minstrelsy, wherein White fantasies and desires of hypermasculinity and sexuality can be inscribed on the Black body and performed without punishment. Almost all leading Black men are sports players or gun-toting gangstas, and Black women are completely invisible. Blackness, as it is culturally rehearsed within games, does not fit into the heroic world of the MMORPG."

Posting for posterity.

Pet Peeve

Apr. 5th, 2009 11:14 pm
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If you understood what I was trying to say you would agree with me.

You misunderstand what I'm trying to say.
I didn't word it properly.
I chose the wrong phrasing.
My word choice was poor.
I'm not expressing myself well.

If you understood what I said you would undoubtedly agree with me. E.G. there is nothing wrong with my argument; the fault lies in your comprehension and/or my efforts to convey meaning. Our disagreement can only come from the fact that you are reading the "letter" instead of the "spirit."

Also known as:
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This will be short, unfortunately I'm nursing a migraine this evening.

For others:
-Understanding if not outright empathy for those different from oneself.

-The ability to understand hurting another and to stop causing that hurt.

-Understanding that intent does not matter as much as actions and consequences.

-When someone voices pain do not shut them out for fear of one's own guilt and shame.

For myself:
-To be able to look in a mirror and see myself without the broader issues of the world I live in.

-To understand I am different and to make peace with that, no matter how much heartache it may cause.  I do not mean this in a special snowflake sort of way, but rather a constant inability to fit in with those around me.  To be accepted... and understood are things I very much wish for.
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So things are coming along a bit.  This is a good outlet for me.  I realize that times are going to be tough in the future.  And it's making me rethink some frivolous purchases.

I am trying to think of a side job.  I could tutor, but that's not really something I'd like to do.  I'd really like to write and am thinking of some way of turning that into a nice little something on the side.
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Well, I'd been debating this for a long time, so we will see how it goes.  At least I have the journal setup to record all my thoughts now.  I have trouble talking about issues that concern me as a women of color in this world and so hope to find others here to talk with.


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