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I received an invite today and will be using the same name there.

In the next few days or so I will create a community devoted to sci-fi/fantasy artwork featuring PoC.

I'll crosspost entries for a long while.
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I really shouldn't read things that stress me the hell out and make me angry. But such is life.

Today was the day for the big chop. I've been struggling with my hair nightmare for a year now in all of it's stunted glory. It was just time for it to go. So I've got the short natural now and a few doctor's recommendations so hopefully its condition will improve. It is hard realizing that all of your conceptions about yourself are wrapped up in something so malleable as hair.

Yes, though I try to deny it, in my heart of hearts I buy into the long-and-flowing-hair myth. Whether it be kinks or curls or locs I just want it, and have for years. So now I'm starting over with a length I haven't had since I was a baby. I said this past year hurt like being born and so it goes on. Hopefully there is a warm and comforting future waiting in the wings. I look forward to my heart's dream: a rain streaked window and a nice cup of tea.
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...and left undone today.

No Ren Faire today, maybe next weekend.

Letter sent to Amazon. Will send a follow up email. If things persist then a phone call tomorrow.

Thinking of making a login for Steam. Anyone have any pros or cons concerning the service?

Played a lot of Runes of Magic today. I really, really like the game despite my initial reservations.

Gameplay is straightforward. Quests are plentiful and lead you into other areas. I like the ranged classes I've played so far (scout, mage, priest.) Still trying to get the hang of crafting though. It's a little confusing at first. Dual classes are a nice touch, but I still haven't got the hang of which skills can be used when one class is primary and the other is secondary.

So far:

Love: Housing, automatic new skills when you level, graphics, battle is straightforward, seamless no-loading zones, go-to NPC feature (smart auto-run yay!).

Hate: No skin tone darker than dry sand, no /emote command, no dedicated RP server.

As it Goes

Jan. 23rd, 2009 01:06 pm
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Reading...For once in my life I'm not reading anything at the moment. I have Naughts and Crosses, but that's a bit too heavy for me at the moment and I'm looking for something lighter.

Writing...World building at the moment. I'm trying to create a fantasy world that doesn't draw its influence by the faux-medieval period of D&D. However I'm also trying not to simply copy/paste the trappings of other cultures for flavor.

World building is interesting. You start with an idea, a simple twist, then continents form and rivers begin to flow. It's all very exciting, yet as the world grows larger it's no simple task to keep it from being a mere derivative of history or the modern day world. The pull of a LotR setting is strong, very strong. My mind is not my own or my ancestors’ when it comes to fantasy.

I'm also trying to think of something to write for the ReMyth Project. Well in all honestly I have a few topics in mind; it's just that when they spill out onto paper they just aren't good enough. Everyone's writings have been fantastic, and my stories seem so shallow in comparison. I find that my dreams are colonized and empty.

Watching...Reno 911 when able, it comes on at 1am on broadcast TV. It's really a showcase of problematic material, but what I love is that the problematic has consequences. No one acts ignorant in a vacuum as one might see on other shows.

Playing...Final Fantasy 12. So far I'm loving Fran and Baltheir. The gentleman rogue and the silent, strong woman have always been favorite archetypes of mine.

I'm also playing City of Heroes. The game play is fun but I can't quite get into the role-playing side of it. Level development is rather straightforward and simple. Unfortunately I'm not too fond of the combat system. Combat seems rather slow to respond to commands and there is no sort of auto-attack that I think would help mitigate that.

Drawing...Practicing my life drawing. I realized I primarily focus on faces to the detriment of the rest of the body. I've been practicing the difficult things like feet and hands. My skeletons are pretty good, but I still have difficulty placing musculature.

Working...Work is work. Trying to hold down a job right now in this uncertain economy. I'm on the lookout for a new job as soon as April arrives. What I might be doing I have no idea, but it needs to be something I can focus on and enjoy.
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Entrance fee: $66.00

Churro: $3.00

Mickey Frame That I Didn't Buy: $45.00

Getting your group to sing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" out loud while wandering the park: Priceless

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii just want to tell you how I'm feeling! I was able to get my brother's girlfriend to sing it too. Awesome.

Took some pictures of the "restless natives" to be found all over Adventureland, nothing new there though. Meant to take a few pictures of the Penny Arcade and blanked out on that later in the day. Since I have a pass that will get me in twice more without having to pay I didn't sweat anything too much and just enjoyed myself. Postulated that Tiana from Princess and the Frog will be seen exclusively in New Orleans Square, just like Aunt Jemima in the days of yore.

Had a good time though with family and friends, drink up me hearties yo ho.
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Cheap rum is cheap.

If you enjoy drinking rubbing alcohol and making rum&cokes that taste like cough syrup buy cheap rum.

Do not down cheap rum the night before work.

Work is not visible after a cheap rum binge.

Also cheap rum hangovers hurt.

And make baby kia cry.
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All I want for Christmas is my sense of well-being and peace back...

Ah well, going to Knott's Berry Farm today in the blistering heat. Should be fun, I haven't been there since I was in high school. Snoopy and boysenberry pie and rollercoasters and trains and Old Town, whee!

Need to get a move on with my project, need to email a few people though. I'll do so if I'm not dead tired when I get home tonight.
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A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and a crumble of cheese. That's all you need for dinner.

Also arriving at work and discovering missing head phones = bad day. The morning dragged as it always does, but I was able to sneak out and pick up a pair of savior head phones later in the afternoon. One more day, then the weekend. Father's day potluck on Saturday and subsequent Mario Kart duels with the sibs. I just hope my little brother doesn't become so animated while playing that he throws the controller out the window.

Wii Fit will be here as soon as I figure out how to entice my relatives to visit.
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I get paid tomorrow and the bookstore keeps calling my name. It's been months since I've read anything decent but I'm always disheartened in the sci-fi/fantasy section of the local bookstores for obvious reasons. Though I'm going to do a large roundup of PoC fantasy fiction for the 50 books community. That should be a good diversion for a while.

Need to get up and register for the extended learning center at the local community college. Not sure what I should take, my heart says still-life drawing (pleasure) but my brain says grant writing (business.) Ah, well. We'll see.
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This will be short, unfortunately I'm nursing a migraine this evening.

For others:
-Understanding if not outright empathy for those different from oneself.

-The ability to understand hurting another and to stop causing that hurt.

-Understanding that intent does not matter as much as actions and consequences.

-When someone voices pain do not shut them out for fear of one's own guilt and shame.

For myself:
-To be able to look in a mirror and see myself without the broader issues of the world I live in.

-To understand I am different and to make peace with that, no matter how much heartache it may cause.  I do not mean this in a special snowflake sort of way, but rather a constant inability to fit in with those around me.  To be accepted... and understood are things I very much wish for.


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