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...that wired folk can be sold and bought
That we have no feelings no memories or minds
That we're bionic strumpets only worth a dime.

Blackless Fantasy
The Disappearance of Race in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
Tanner Higgin
University of California, Riverside

"Therefore, when one sees a race called ‘‘human’’ within a MMORPG and it is westernized as well as White with different shades of color for diversity (but nothing too Black), a powerful assertion is made. This assertion is that humanity will only be understood within the fantasy world if it is primarily coded White. The player base has affirmed this understanding by choosing largely White human avatars in order to match the discursive framework set up by these racial logics."

"Black characters within video games almost exclusively function as synthetic sites of racial tourism and minstrelsy, wherein White fantasies and desires of hypermasculinity and sexuality can be inscribed on the Black body and performed without punishment. Almost all leading Black men are sports players or gun-toting gangstas, and Black women are completely invisible. Blackness, as it is culturally rehearsed within games, does not fit into the heroic world of the MMORPG."

Posting for posterity.
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...and left undone today.

No Ren Faire today, maybe next weekend.

Letter sent to Amazon. Will send a follow up email. If things persist then a phone call tomorrow.

Thinking of making a login for Steam. Anyone have any pros or cons concerning the service?

Played a lot of Runes of Magic today. I really, really like the game despite my initial reservations.

Gameplay is straightforward. Quests are plentiful and lead you into other areas. I like the ranged classes I've played so far (scout, mage, priest.) Still trying to get the hang of crafting though. It's a little confusing at first. Dual classes are a nice touch, but I still haven't got the hang of which skills can be used when one class is primary and the other is secondary.

So far:

Love: Housing, automatic new skills when you level, graphics, battle is straightforward, seamless no-loading zones, go-to NPC feature (smart auto-run yay!).

Hate: No skin tone darker than dry sand, no /emote command, no dedicated RP server.
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in the corner...

sucking on my thumb...

holding the blankie close...

chanting it's gonna be all right...

I'm done, I was done before, but now I'm done-done, slightly less than the done I will be tomorrow evening. And nearly not as much done as I will be on the eve of the new year.

Notwithstanding my contempt of convenient cadres of colored comrades. Well... I was going to write up a large diatribe about "unintentional racism" and "I can has rainbow friends" but I just don't have that in me today. I took a much needed break from breaking my fingers on my keyboard regarding the ridiculousness of others. A very, very long break from RaceFail, BlogFail, MayorFail, RapperFail, CartoonFail, RE5Fail, etc. I'm really quite ready for things to !Win. Just a little bit, just a teensy bit. There are little bits of !Win here and there, water them and watch them grow hopefully.

In other Band Wagon(TM) News I'm looking into getting back into roller skating. Skating, not the blading type which didn't thrill me all that much. Though I was shocked honestly; skates are expensive! I'm tempted to put together some computer chair wheels and an old shoe to defray the cost.

I'm now in a RPG group, with people of a different and same hue. Will head-throbbing hilarity ensue? I'm not sure but we are playing Call of Cthulhu!

Yes, a game based on the works of a man who wrote On the Creation of N****rs and other razzle-dazzling displays of racist hegemony. Yes, I am that desperate for roleplay. Leery about putting myself out there again but I’ve got to go out beyond my own door every once in a while at least.


Aug. 27th, 2008 02:23 pm
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Okay, so I've been out of it for a week. I've been WoWing, Wii-ing, Wedding, and wallowing really.

On the WoW front I've been busy with the Beta and a write up for GoC/CGN. Lots of nice screen shots as well.

From the Wii-ing angle I've been playing the Mii-feature games, taking really bad screen shots, and compiling a write up for GoC/CGN.

The wedding was for a family friend, but it's nice to get out of the house and have your eardrums blown out.

I'm still working on Part 2 of "Why Can't We All Just Get Along." Though recently I've been thinking of writing something I call the "Blackface Test" as an explanation or rather examination of the ridiculousness of intent vs. actions.

I've also been wallowing but that's more of a symptom of failed spirituality and will take time to sort out.

As It Goes

May. 1st, 2008 09:46 pm
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Well life moves on. The house is pretty well in order now considering I moved in months ago and just sort of let things sit for a while. Work has settled down and I really need to start looking into a new part time job to fill in the gaps. Found an interesting master's degree for teaching. I'll need to contact the university to see how it works out exactly. It's a new method of teaching that hasn't completely taken hold yet, but the field could see a ton of growth in the future.

Idiocy in my games is tired and old. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard a person argue for their right to say bigotted things and then cry about being labled a bigot I would be able to buy this nation several times over. I've been watching the Hooper X clip from Chasing Amy to keep my sanity.

Renn Faire has finally started, but I still haven't managed to get down there. Hopefully next weekend.


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