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...since there's much ado about gaming.

Some of you may remember a website project I embarked on last summer. It was a thrilling adventure which turned into way too much for me to tackle. Also I believe it suffered from a very ill-chosen location.

_Chromatic Gamers Network_

It was a fun site to put together and run, till I began chasing my own tail for content. In truth I began neglecting the "network" part in latching my attention on to the "gamers" part.

Gamers of Color covers the vitriol, victory, and virtuosity that comes from being a PoC gamer. For CGN, rather, I'd like a who's-playing-what and who's-looking-for-others-to-play-with purpose. The journal model doesn't seem to be well suited to that sort of thing unfortunately. Though I wasn't thrilled with trying to divert attention towards the multi-purpose Ning platform.

Maybe I'm missing something about the journal model? I've seen it work in other connection-communities. Yet those journals have hundreds, if not thousands, of members. CGN in journal mode would be by invite only and feature member-locked entries. Pretty much the same as Mordor.


Aug. 27th, 2008 02:23 pm
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Okay, so I've been out of it for a week. I've been WoWing, Wii-ing, Wedding, and wallowing really.

On the WoW front I've been busy with the Beta and a write up for GoC/CGN. Lots of nice screen shots as well.

From the Wii-ing angle I've been playing the Mii-feature games, taking really bad screen shots, and compiling a write up for GoC/CGN.

The wedding was for a family friend, but it's nice to get out of the house and have your eardrums blown out.

I'm still working on Part 2 of "Why Can't We All Just Get Along." Though recently I've been thinking of writing something I call the "Blackface Test" as an explanation or rather examination of the ridiculousness of intent vs. actions.

I've also been wallowing but that's more of a symptom of failed spirituality and will take time to sort out.
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Okay, scouting out video and podcasts for the network. Some are scary and some are interesting, and more are scary than interesting.

Sent out another email to Arcady of Roleplayers of Color fame. Would really like to get into contact with her somehow for the network. Will just have to wait.

Also need to come up with ideas for getting the word out about the network. But I'm grappling with how to keep it a safe space if the word goes to far. Not a bridge I want to cross, but I may just have to put my head down and run if it comes to that.

-Yay note: My journal is now a friendly place again.


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