Apr. 21st, 2009

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...since there's much ado about gaming.

Some of you may remember a website project I embarked on last summer. It was a thrilling adventure which turned into way too much for me to tackle. Also I believe it suffered from a very ill-chosen location.

_Chromatic Gamers Network_

It was a fun site to put together and run, till I began chasing my own tail for content. In truth I began neglecting the "network" part in latching my attention on to the "gamers" part.

Gamers of Color covers the vitriol, victory, and virtuosity that comes from being a PoC gamer. For CGN, rather, I'd like a who's-playing-what and who's-looking-for-others-to-play-with purpose. The journal model doesn't seem to be well suited to that sort of thing unfortunately. Though I wasn't thrilled with trying to divert attention towards the multi-purpose Ning platform.

Maybe I'm missing something about the journal model? I've seen it work in other connection-communities. Yet those journals have hundreds, if not thousands, of members. CGN in journal mode would be by invite only and feature member-locked entries. Pretty much the same as Mordor.
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...that wired folk can be sold and bought
That we have no feelings no memories or minds
That we're bionic strumpets only worth a dime.


Blackless Fantasy
The Disappearance of Race in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
Tanner Higgin
University of California, Riverside

"Therefore, when one sees a race called ‘‘human’’ within a MMORPG and it is westernized as well as White with different shades of color for diversity (but nothing too Black), a powerful assertion is made. This assertion is that humanity will only be understood within the fantasy world if it is primarily coded White. The player base has affirmed this understanding by choosing largely White human avatars in order to match the discursive framework set up by these racial logics."

"Black characters within video games almost exclusively function as synthetic sites of racial tourism and minstrelsy, wherein White fantasies and desires of hypermasculinity and sexuality can be inscribed on the Black body and performed without punishment. Almost all leading Black men are sports players or gun-toting gangstas, and Black women are completely invisible. Blackness, as it is culturally rehearsed within games, does not fit into the heroic world of the MMORPG."

Posting for posterity.


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