Feb. 27th, 2009

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Hrm, I've been into media of late instead of just poking my nose around on the computer.

First off I'm trying to decide between Watchmen and Street Fighter this weekend. Watchmen... from a jailbreak scene looks godawful, but full of belly laughs. Street Fighter on the other will be familiar rediculousness. Horrible choreographed fighting or Balrog with a grenade launcher? I simply can't choose.

In other news I seem to always want fanfiction of a strange sort. I just finished watching the newest BBC production of Oliver Twist with the lovely Sophie Okonedo as Nancy. And well, I want Nancy fic badly. It's not just because I love the Victorian era, or am fascinated by the life of the London poor. Though that's all true I'd trek far for an Oliver Twist fic featuring the beautiful, new Miss Nancy. And I'm not much a fic reader and haven't been so for years.

I want to "know" Nancy and what her life was like... Which is sort of sad on my part. I like Dickens but have never been able to slog through his books excepting A Christmas Carol. Who knows, maybe it's the girl-like-me effect of Sophie's portrayal. <3


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