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Mr. Google is here to teach you about racism!

He's always considerate, polite, and has just the right tone!

Mr. Google will always assist you in a timely fashion no matter when, day or night!

Stumble into a Black Panther meeting?

Want your very own spirit animal?

Confused about mandalas and masalas?

Don't ask the nearest PoC! That's the old and busted way. Asking Mr. Google is the sleek, new hotness!

What if you don't know the question or topic you want to ask Mr. Google?

That's what key words are for! Why, by just combining two words such as "saris" and "how," you will find a whole host of information about things you never knew you didn't know!

It’s as simple as:

But what's that you say? Mr. Google can be cold, clinical, and methodical? You learn best through others? Well I'm here to tell you that Mr. Google is a billion people in one! A billion thoughts, views, and hell, even pictures! Sometimes video if the budget allows!

And that's the best thing about Mr. Google! If you type in "locs" and "shampoo" no individual PoC needs to be bothered with your… shall we say naiveté.

Mr. Google is fun and suitable for so many age groups! From the youngest teen to the oldest civil rights marcher! There's nobody out there who can't benefit from a few minutes of Mr. Google's wise old teacher happy fun time!

You can always learn something new from Mr. Google! To assist in your education Mr. Google is conveniently available in all places that have electricity and the internet! And when not available in electronic form he can be used via books and paper!

Still unsure? Take a gander at this! Mr. Google is...FREE. Yes, my dear readers, you read that right. Mr. Google is free! And not only is Mr. Google free, he takes mere seconds to answer your query! Where else can you find that kind of service paired with the style only Mr. Google has!

Don’t wait to be the last on your block! Try out your Mr. Google today!

Mr. Google is available at your nearest desktop, laptop, and handheld device station. Certain asshat and privilege restrictions may apply. Mr. Google is not available in safe spaces or PoC communities. Mr. Google is suitable for all ages. Mr. Google is available in all places -isms are sown. WARNING: Exercise caution in using Mr. Google by keeping quiet about your previous ignorance.

Date: 2009-04-26 03:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] colorblue
You are awesome, and so is Mr. Google. *bookmarking this*

Date: 2009-05-01 02:48 am (UTC)
smilingslightly: Michelle Rodriguez as Letty in The Fast and the Furious, leaning up against a car (letty_tfatf)
From: [personal profile] smilingslightly

And yet useful.


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